Correspondence of Sir Isaac Newton and Professor Cotes including letters of other eminent men, now first published from the originals in the Library of Trinity College, Cambridge
Edited by Joseph Edleston. J.W. Parker, Cambridge, 1850.
Edleston printed most of the correspondence between Newton and Cotes between 1709 and 1715, and correspondences with others including Richard Bentley, John Keill, Henry Oldenburg, John Locke, Robert Hooke and John Wallis. Also printed was some material from the records of Trinity College (where Edleston was Senior Bursar) including Newton's college dividends for 1668-1702, his redits and exits (``comings and goings'' recorded by his signature in the Exit and Redit books and included in Newtonia's Chronology) for 1668-96, and his buttery bills for 1686-1702.

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