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When he died, Newton had a library of about 2000 books, covering a wide range of subjects from physics and mathematics, to theology and history and even alchemy. To help you build up your library, will be featuring books related to Newton and his work, in association with ships many titles within 24 hours. However, when ordering, please check the delivery date and the exact price, as the prices quoted here may have changed slightly.

Isaac Newton and the Scientific Revolution by Gale E. Christianson
This is great book for people wanting to start learning about Isaac Newton and the turbulent times in which he lived. The coverage of his science is squarely aimed at those who are studying physics or mathematics in high school (or want to discover where the laws they learnt in school came from), but equal weight is given to the historical and personal events which shaped Newton's unique and towering mind.
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Never at Rest by Richard S. Westfall
Never at Rest is by far the most comprehensive and thorough biography of Newton to date, written by Professor Westfall, one of the leading Newtonian scholars until his death in 1996. A.R. Hall's verdict was "That this is the best biography of Newton is easily and truthfully said ... surely no one is going to repeat Westfall's immense and shrewdly conducted task in this century at least."
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Isaac Newton : Adventurer in Thought by A. Rupert Hall
Hall's book did not attempt to replace Never at Rest, but is a solid general biography of the man, ands put most emphasis on Hall's own interests of Newton's mathematics and physics.
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