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Trinity College, Cambridge

E staircase This page shows a detail from the picture of Trinity College in Loggan's Cantabrigia Illustrata of 1690. The rooms in which Newton wrote Principia are those on the first floor, adjacent to Great Gate, whose right turret is visible at the left hand edge of the picture. (These rooms are directly above the modern-day Porters' Lodge.) The small building on stilts was a covered staircase, going down from his rooms to the garden. This is now a lawn with a sapling of the famous Apple Tree from Woolsthorpe Manor. The building on the extreme right is the chapel, where the statue of Newton now stands, as described by Wordsworth. The whole picture is also available (as a 120K JPEG image) and there is also a photograph from inside Great Court.

Library Range

Newton moved to London in 1696, but remained a fellow of the College until 1701. He was knighted by Queen Anne in the Master's Lodge in 1705. The photograph shows the bay window of the Lodge to the left of the Library Range. Until the college's Wren Library was completed in 1695, the library occupied the top floor and Stukeley claimed that Newton lived in this range in the 1660's.

Trinity College has its own WWW server which includes information about the library. There is a another Newtonia page about Newton and Cambridge.

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