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Relatives, friends and associates of Isaac Newton

diagram showing relationships

In the diagram, marriages are shown by green lines, other family relationships in red, friendships in black and links to institutions in blue. Of course Newton is associated with every person on the diagram, but for simplicity only the link to his parents is shown. The colour of the text inside each box represents the individual's association with one of the four main periods of Newton's life: rural Woolsthorpe in green, at school in Grantham in chalkboard black, Cambridge in Trinity blue and London in brick red.

Each box on the diagram is hyperlinked to more information about each person or institution, and all the short biographical notes are also available in one long list. The diagram concentrates on people associated with other people Newton also knew, and space does not allow all of even his closest associates to be shown.

This hyperlinks in the diagram will only work if your browser supports client side imagemaps. Use the following links if it does not: Hannah Ayscough, Isaac Newton Senior, Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727), Barnabas Smith, Mary Smith, Benjamin Smith, Hannah Smith, William Ayscough, Grantham School, Dr Clark, Mr Clark, Mrs Clark, Mint, Catherine Barton, Conduitt, Halley, Montague, Trinity College, Babington, Barrow, Henry More.

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