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Newton's house in Chelsea

The Survey of London states that Newton's name is listed ``in the Chelsea rate-books for the year 1709, when he lived in the house built on the site of the old `Ship', which faced Burton's Court at the East end of Paradise Row, and is now occupied by Durham House.'' Burton's Court has survived and Paradise Row is now called Royal Hospital Road.

Newton moved to Chelsea after more than a decade in Jermyn Street: on 20 October 1709 Richard Bentley, Master of Trinity College, wrote to Newton at Jermyn Street, saying "Dr Clark tells me you are thinking for Chelsea where I wish you all satifaction." (Corres V p7-8)

He stayed in Chelsea for less than a year for on September 30 1710 he wrote to Roger Cotes in reply his letter of 21st September: ``Since the receipt of your Letter I have been removing from Chelsea to London ... Direct your next Letters to me in St Martins Street neare Leicester fields.'' (Corres V p70) He retained this new house in St Martin's Street until his death in 1727.

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