Musgrave and Huggins Catalogues

When Newton died in 1727, John Huggins bought his library and a list was made of the books. 969 titles in 1442 volumes are explicitly listed, with others grouped together with no details. This document is now in the British Museum. The books were also briefly mentioned in the inventory of Newton's house in St Martin's Street, which recorded a total of 1896 volumes. The library passed to Dr. James Musgrave and a catalogue of his library was made c1760. This list is more detailed than the Huggins list, but includes some books which had not come from Newton in its total of 1601 titles in 2385 volumes.

There is another page with more information about about Newton's libraries.

Richard de Villamil found the Musgrave Catalogue at Barnsley Park and the Huggins List in the British Museum. In Newton: the Man, he published the Musgrave Catalogue and indicated the books which are also on the Huggins List with a star: so the starred books were almost certainly owned by Newton. He also composed a supplementary list of books given in the Huggins List but not included in the Musgrave Catalogue.

For searching with your browser, the Musgrave Catalogue is available as it appeared in Newton: the Man, as one 112K web page. Villamil's introductory remarks and the entries for each letter are more conveniently read as separate web pages:


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Supplementary list

Harrison has subsequently published a comprehensive catalogue of Newton's library based on all available information and correcting several errors in Villamil's lists. Harrison lists 1763 titles.

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