Catalogue of the Library

Dr. James Musgrave
Rector of Chinnor, Oxon

(Entries marked with a star are also present in the Huggins List, and so were almost certainly owned by Newton. See the main catalogue page for an overview.)


*Abendana of the Polity of the Jews, 8vo. 1706
*Abul-Fecla de Vita Mahommedis per Gagnier, F. 1723
Account of all ye Great Conquerors & Heroes, 8vo. 1705
Account of Switzerland, 8vo. 1714
*Account of the Court of Portugal, 8vo. 1710
*Account of the Vertues of Pynnont Waters, 8vo. 1717
Acosta de Natura novi orbis, 8vo. 1596
*Acta Eruditorum 55 Vols., 4to. 1682
Acta Eruditorum Lips. Supplementum, 8vo. 1718
*Acts for building fifty new Churches in London, 8vo 1721
*Adams's Index Villaris, F. 1680
Adams on the 12th Chapter to the Hebrews, 4to. 1619
Adams (Dr.) on the Church Catechism, 8vo. 1727
Addison (Lancellot) Discourse of Catechising, 8vo. 1690
*Addison's State of the Jews, 8vo. 1675
Addison's (Joseph) Miscellaneous Works, 4 vol., 8vo. 1763
Addison's Notes on Milton's Paradise Lost, 8vo. 1719
*Æliani Variæ Historiæ Gr. Lat Tan. Fabri 2 Vols., 8vo. 1668
*Æschinis Socratici Dialogi tres Gr Lat notis Clerici, 8vo. 1711
*Æschyli Tragædiæ Gr. Lat Stanlei, F. 1663
*Æschyli Tragædiæ Gr. Turnebus, 8vo. 1552
Æsop's Fables in English, 8vo. 1736
Agneau Accord des Philosophes Chymiques, &c., 8vo. 1636
*Agricola de re Metallica, F. 1621
Agricola de Causis Subterraneis, F. 1546
Agrippa de Occulta Philosophia, F. 1533
Ainsworths Lat. & Eng. Dictionary, 4to. 1736
*Albinei Dibliotheca Chemica, 8vo. 1653
Alchahest Liquor, a Discourse of that Immort. Dissolvent, 8vo. 1684
Alcher Epitome Chronolog. Historiæ, 4to. 1706
*Alexand. ab Alcxandro Genialium Dierum lib. sex, 8vo. 1616
Alipilis Salt of Nature regenerated, 8vo. 1696
Allingham's Nature and Use of Maps, 8vo. 1703
*Alimarus de Longitudine, 8vo. 1715
*Allix's Reflections on the Scripture, 2 Vol., 8vo. 1688
*Allix's Remarks on the Churches of Piedmont, 4to. 1690
*Allix's Confutation of the Jews, 8vo. 1707
*Almeloveen Fast. Romanorum Consularium lib. duo, 8vo. 1705
Alstedii Thesaurus Chronologioe, 8vo. 1650
Altham's Charges to the Clergy, 8vo. 1710
*Alteserra Notæ in Anastasium, 4to. 1680
*Alvarado's Spanish and English Dialogues, 8vo. 1718
*Ambrosii Opera Omnia, 2 Vol., F. 1567
Amesius de Conscientia, 8vo. 1643
Anacreon et Sapho Gr. Lat. Tan. Faber, 8vo. 1680
*Anacreon et Sapho par Mad. Le Fevre, 8vo. 1681
*Analyse des Infiniment Petits, 4to. 1696
*Anderson's Discourse on Rockets, 8vo. 1696
Andrews on the Commandments, F. 1675
Annotations in Libros Philosoph. M. T. Ciceronis, 4to. 1544
*Anselme Histoire Genealogique de France, F. 1713
Answer to a Catholick Englishman in Defence of K. James, 4to. 1609
Answer to the Remarks on Dr. More, 4to. 1684
Answer to a Book entitled Plato Redivivus, 8vo 1681
*Anton's Spanish Grammar, 8vo. 1711
Antoninus et Mar. Produs Gr. Lat., 8vo. 1626
*Apicius Cælius de Arte coquinaria per Lister, 8vo. 1705
Apparition a Poem with several others, 8vo. 1710
*Appiani Historia Gr. Lat. Tollii 2 Vol., 8vo. 1670
Apocrypha with Marginal Notes, 4to. -
*Apollidorus Gr. Lat. notis Tan. Fabri, 8vo. 1661
*Apollonius Pergæus Gr. Lat. Halley, F. 1710
*Apollonius Pergæus de Sectione Rationis, 8vo. 1706
*Arbuthnott's Tables of Ancient Coins - Large paper, 4to. 1727
Archer's Every man his own Doctor, 8vo. 1673
*Archimedis Opera Gr. Lat., F. 1615
*Archimedis Opera per Barrow, 4to. 1675
Ariosto's Satyrs in English, 8vo. 1759
*Arnobius contra Gentes, 4to. 1661
*Aristarchus Samius de sole et Luna Gr. Lat. per Wallis, 8vo. 1688
*Aristarchus Samius notis Robervalli, 8vo. 1644
*Aristophanis Comædiæ Gr. Lat. Scaliger, 8vo. 1624
*Arrianus de Expedit Alexandri Gr. Lat., F. 1575
Arrian de Rebus Gestis Alexandri, Lat., 8vo. 1552
Arrowsmith Tactica Sacra, 4to. 1657
*Ars Chemica, quod sit Licita recte excrecentibus, 8vo. 1608
Ars Magica, sive Magia nat. et Artificiosa, 8vo. 1631
Art of Heraldry with proper Sculptures, 8vo. 1693
Art of Contentment by the author of ye Whole Duty of Man, 8vo. 1675
Artimodorus de Somnis, 8vo. 1546
Artis Auriferæ quam Chemiam, 8vo. 1610
Ascanius or the Young Adventurer, a true History, 8vo. 1746
*Ashmole's Theatrum Chemicum Britannicum, 4to. 1652
*Ashmole's Way to Bliss, 8vo. 1658
Ashmole's History of Berkshire, F. 1736
Assembly of Divines Confession of Faith, 8vo. 1688
*Athanafii Opera Gr. Lat. 2 Vol. cum Indicibus, F. 1627
*Athanafii Opera Gr. Lat. 3 Vol Benedict, F. 1698
*Athenagoras Gr. Lat. per Gesnerum, 'vo. 1557
*Athenæus Gr. Lat. Casauboni 2 Vol., F. 1600
*Atlas Geographicus for Europe, Asia & Africa, 4 Vol., 4to. 1711
*Augustini Opera Omnia 5 Vol, F. 1531
Augustini Meditationes solioquia et Manuale, 8vo. 1689
Augusti (Anton) Itinerarium Provin, 8vo. 1560
*Aulus Gellius Noctes Atticæ, 8vo. 1581
*Aufonii Opera notis Variorum, Grævii, 8vo. 1671
Aymon Metamorph. de la Romaine, 8vo. 1700

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