Catalogue of the Library

Dr. James Musgrave
Rector of Chinnor, Oxon

(Entries marked with a star are also present in the Huggins List, and so were almost certainly owned by Newton. See the main catalogue page for an overview.)


Gaffarell's Unheard of Curiosities, 8vo. 1650
*Gale Opuscula Mythologica, Ethica &c., 8vo. 1672
*Galilæus de Systematæ Mundi, 4to. 1699
Galtruchii Institutio Mathematicæ, 8vo. 1668
*Garland Compend. Alchymiæ et aliis Tract, 8vo. 1567
Garth's Dispensary a Poem, 8vo. 1699
Gassendi Institutio Astronomicæ, 8vo. 1682
*Gaston Science des Forces Mouvantes, 8vo. 1673
Gastrell (B.) Case in relation to ye Ward of Manchester, F. 1721
Gastrell Christian Institutes, 8vo. 1655
Gay's Beggars Opera &c., 8vo. 1735
Geber of the Philsopher's Stone, 8vo. 1676
*Geber (Arab) Chimica, cum correct. G. Hornii, 8vo. 1668
*Gellibrand's Epitome of Navigation, 8vo. 1698
*Geographica Classica, or the Geography of ye Ancients, 4to. 1717
Gibbon's Essay on Blason, 8vo. 1682
*Gibson Chronicon Saxonicum, 4to. 1692
Gilbert's Florists Vade mecum, 8vo. 1702
*Glaser Traite de la Chymie, 8vo. 1676
Godwin's Roman, Jewish & Attic Antiquities, 4to. 1631
Godwin's Catalogue of the Bishops in England, 4to. 1615
Goodman's Winter Evening Conference, 8vo. 1686
*Gordon's Introduction to Geography, 8vo. 1726
Gordon's Astronomy and Dialling, 8vo. 1716
*Gordon's Remarks on the Newtonian Philosophy, 8vo. 1719
*Grabe Spicilegium Patrum Gr. Lat. 2 Vol., 8vo. 1711
Grammar High Dutch & English, 8vo. 1670
Grammatica Græca in usum Scholæ Westmonast., 8vo. 1673
Grammatica Græca in usum Scholæ Westmonast., 8vo. 1682
*Grandamici Chronologia Christiana, 4to. 1668
*Grandi Geometrica Demonst. Theor. Hugenianorum, 4to. 1701
*Gravesande Philosophiæ Newtonianæ Instit., 8vo. 1723
Gravesande Physic Element. Mathemat. 3 Vol., 4to. 1720
*Gravesande's Elements of Philosophy by Desaguliers 2 Vol., 8vo. 1720
*Gravesande Essai de Perspective, 8vo. 1711
*Greave's on the Pyramids of Ægypt, 8vo. 1645
*Greaves on the Roman Foot and Denarii 1647
*Greenwood's Grammar, 8vo. 1711
*Gregorii Nazianzeni Opera Gr. Lat. 2 Vol., F. 1630
*Gregorii Nytseni Opera Gr. Lat. 3 Vol., F. 1638
*Gregorii Magni Opera Edit. Monach. S. Bened. 4 Vol., F. 1705
*Gregorii Vera Circuli et Hyperbolae Quadratura, 4to. 1610
Gregorii Etymologicon Parvum, 8vo. 1654
Gregorii Catoptricæ et Dioptricæ Elementa, 8vo. 1695
*Gregorii Astronomiæ Physicæ &c. Elementa, F. 1702
*Gregorii Optica Promota, 4to. 1663
Green's Principles of Philosophy, 8vo. 1712
*Gretton's Vindication of ye Doctrine of ye Ch. of England, 8vo. 1725
Greveri Secretum, et Albanus de Lapide Philosoph., 8vo. 1599
*Grew's Rarities of Gresham Colledge, F. 1681
*Groningii Bibliotheca Universalis, 8vo. 1701
Grotius de Iure Belli ae Pacis, 8vo. 1667
*Grotius de Veritate Religionis Christianæ, 8vo. 1669
*Grotius de Veritate Religionis Christianæ cum Annot., 8vo. 1640
*Grotii Historia Gothorum, Vandalorum &c., 8vo. 1655
Guardians 2 Vol, 8vo. 1756
*Guerre declaree entre les Philosoph. Anciens & Mod., 8vo. 1697
Guevara's Spanish Letters, 8vo. 1697
Guicciardin's History of Italy, F. -
Gunning on the Lent Fast, 4to. 1662
*Gunter's Mathematical Works, 4to. 1636

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