Catalogue of the Library

Dr. James Musgrave
Rector of Chinnor, Oxon

(Entries marked with a star are also present in the Huggins List, and so were almost certainly owned by Newton. See the main catalogue page for an overview.)


Hacke's Collection of Original Voyages, 8vo. 1699
Hale's Pleas of the Crown, 8vo. 1678
Hales of the Power and Jurisdictions of Parliaments, 8vo. 1707
*Halifax (Earl of) Works with his Life, 8vo. 1715
*Hammond on the New Testament, F. 1675
*Hammond's Practical Catechism, 8vo. 1668
*Hanbury Supplement Analyt. ed Æquat. Cartesianas, 4to. 1691
*Hardwin de Nummis Herodianum, 4to. 1693
*Harris (John) Description of the Globes, 8vo. 1734
*Harris on the Universal Deluge, 8vo. 1697
Hartlib Epistola ad Stoughton, 8vo. 1640
*Hatton's System of Arithmetick, 4to. 1727
Hawkin's Tracts 3 Vols, 8vo. 1738
*Hawksbee Esperienze Fisico Mechanniche, 4to. 1716
*Hawksbee's Physico Mechanical Experiments, 4to. 1709
*Hegesippus de Urbis Hierosol. Exeidio, 8vo. 1559
*Heliodori Æthiopica Gr. Lat., 8vo. 1631
*Helvetius of transmuting Metals, 8vo. 1670
*Helvici Chronologia, F. 1662
*Herbelot Bibliotheque Orientale, F. 1697
*Hermannus de Viribus et Motibus Corporum, 4to. 1716
*Herodiani Historia Gr. Lat. cum Notis, 8vo. 1704
*Herodotus Gr. Lat. Sylburgii, F. 1618
*Hesychii Lexicon Græcum, F. 1521
*Heydon's Glory of ye Rosie Cross & other Tracts, 8vo. 1664
*Hickeringill's Tracts, Essays, Satyrs, &c., 4to. 1677
*Hierocles in Carm. Pythagoræ Gr. Lat., 8vo. 1683
*Hilarii Opera per Gillotium, F. 1652
*Hind's History of Greece, 8vo. 1707
*Hire (De la) Tabulus Astronomicæ, 4to. 1687
*Hire (De la) Sections Coniques, 8vo. 1679
Historia et Concordia Evangelica, 8vo. 1660
*Historia Rerum Sicularum, Scriptores varii, F. 1579
Historia Arabiæ et Gent. Orientalium, 8vo. 1635
*Historia Rerum Orient, Autores Varii, F. 1587
Historia ab orbe Cond.: ad. an. 1655, 8vo. 1661
Historiarum et Chron. totius Mundi Epitome, 8vo. 1538
*Historiæ Auguste Scriptores not Var. 2 Vol., 8vo. 1671
Historiæ Ecclesiasticæ Madgeburgensis 7 Vol., F. 1600
Historiæ Poeticæ Scriptores Antiqui per Gale, 8vo. 1675
Historiæ Romanæ Scriptores 3 Vol., 8vo. 1568
*Historiæ Romanæ Epitome, 8vo. 1637
*Historiæ Roman. Imperat. Gothofredi 2 Vol., 8vo. 1591
History of English and Scotch Presbytery, 8vo. 1659
History of Religion by a Person of Quality, 8vo. 1694
*History of France for the last Century, 8vo. 1714
*History of the Royal Family, 8vo. 1713
History & Antiquities of the Counties in England, 2 Vol., 4to. 1721
History of the Balearick Islands, 8vo. 1716
History of the principal Riches of ye East & West, 8vo. 1671
History of Russia 2 Vol., 8vo. 1723
History & Adventures of Pyrates &c., F. 1741
*History of the Bucaniers of America, 8vo. 1699
History of the Trials of the Rebel Lords in 1745, 8vo. 1750
*History of the Treaty of Utrecht, 8vo. 1712
*History (Secret) of Europe 2 Vol., 8vo. 1712
*Histoire de L'Academie Royale des Sciences 15 Vol., 4to. 1712
*Histoire de L'Academie Royale des Sciences 15 Vol. 8vo. 1706
*Histoire de L'Acad. Royale des Inscript & Belles Lettres, 4 Vol., 4to. 1717
*Histoire de la Peinture Ancienne, F. 1725
*Histoire du Royaume de Macacar, 8vo. 1700
Histoire du Roy Louis Le Grand, F. 1691
*Histoire du Regne de Louis XIV 7 Vol., 8vo. 1717
Histoire Fabuleuse des Dieux, 8vo. 1670
*Histoire Genealog: de Maison Royal de France per le Pere Anselme 1713
*Hoadley's Answer to the Committee, 8vo. 1718
Hoadley on the Sacrament, 8vo. 1735
Hobbes's Wonders of the Peak, Lat & Eng., 8vo. 1678
Hoffmannus de Locis Affectis, 8vo. 1642
Holfords Concordance to the Bible, F. 1550
Homilies (Book of) set forth by order of Q. Elizabeth, F. 1683
*Hook's Philosoph. Experiments pubd. by Derham, 8vo. 1726
*Hooks Posthumous Works by Waller, F. 1705
Hooker's Works with his Life, F. 1676
Homeri Ilias Gr. Lat. Didymi, 4to. 1689
Homeri Ilias Gr. Lat. Hen. Steph. 8vo. 1589
*Homeri Odyssea Gr. Lat. cum interpret H. Stephan et al 1648
Homeri Batrachomachia Gr. Edit. Maillau, 8vo. 1721
Hooper's History of the Grand Rebellion, F. 1738
Hopkins on the Lord's Prayer with Sermons, 8vo. 1698
Hopkins on the Commandments with Sermons, 4to. 1692
*Horatius per Bentleium, 4to. 1717
*Horatius notis Baxter, 8vo. 1701
Horatius sine Notis, 8vo. 1668
Horatius cum Scholiis Hen. Stephani, 8vo. 1600
Horatius cum notis Bond, 8vo. 1637
Horatius notis Deplhini, 8vo. 1717
Horace's Odes and Epodes in English, 8vo. 1684
*Horroccii Opera Posthuma, 4to. 1678
*Hosti Historia Rei Nummariæ 2 Vol., 4to. 1695
*Houghton's Compleat Miner, 8vo. 1681
*Howard's Copernicans Convicted, 8vo. 1705
*Howell Synopsis Canonum 2 Vol., F. 1710
Howell History of England, 8vo. 1742
*Howell History of the Bible 3 Vol., 8vo. 1718
Howell Directions for Forreign Travel, 8vo. 1650
*Hudibras by Dr Grey 2 Vol., 8vo. 1744
Hudson Introductio ad Chronologiam, 8 vo. 1694
Huet Histoire du Commerce des Anciens, 8vo. 1716
*Hugenii Horologium Oscillatorium, F. 1673
*Hugenii Cosmotheoros, 4to. 1698
Hunt's Key to the Art of Gauging, 8vo. 1691
Hutcheson of Beauty & Virtue, 8vo. 1735
Hygini Fabularum Liber, 8vo. 1670

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