Catalogue of the Library

Dr. James Musgrave
Rector of Chinnor, Oxon

(Entries marked with a star are also present in the Huggins List, and so were almost certainly owned by Newton. See the main catalogue page for an overview.)

I & J

Jacchæi Institutiones Medicæ, 8vo. 1631
Jackson's Reply to Waterland, 8vo. 1722
*Jackson's Queries concerning the Trinity, 8vo. 1716
Jacob's Law Dictionary, F. 1750
Jacob's Complete Parish Officer, 8vo. 1757
*Jamblichus Gr. Lat. Gale, F. 1678
*Jamblichus Devita Pythagoræ Gr. Lat. Kuster, 4to. 1707
*Janssonii Novus Atlas, F. -
Jay's Tragedies of Sin contemplated, 8vo. 1689
*Ibbot's Sermons on Practical Subjects 2 Vol., 8vo. 1726
*Jeffery of Monmouth's British History by Thomson, 8vo. 1718
Ignoramus, Comedia coram Rege Jacobo, 8vo. 1668
Jenk's Prayers & Offices for Families, 8vo. 1658
Jenk's Meditation 2 Vol., 8vo. 1757
Jewell's Defence of his Apology, F. 1570
Jewish Kalendar, 8vo. 1693
Independent Whig, 8vo. 1721
Index Expurgatorius Lib qui hoc Seculo prodierunt, 8vo. 1584
Index to Sermons since the Reformation, 8vo. 1718
*Initium Evangelii Johannis Apostoli, 8vo. 1726
Instructions pour la Teinture des Laines, 8vo. 1708
Introitus apertus ad Occlusum Regis Palatium, 8vo. 1666
Introduction to Algorisme to learn to reckon with the Pen, 8vo. 1574
Johnson Lexicon Chymicum, 8vo. 1678
Johnston Notitia Regni Mineralis, 8vo. 1661
*Joly Memoires d'Anne D'autriche 3 Vol., 8vo. 1718
*Jones's Epitome of Navigation, 8vo. (scarse book) 1706
Jones's Introduction to the Mathematicks, 8vo. 1706
Jones (Mrs. Mary) Miscellanies in Prose & Verse, 8vo. 1750
*Josephi Opera Gr. Lat, F. 1691
*Josephi Historia Judaica Heb. Lat., F. 1541
Josephus Works from the French of Dandilly, F. 1713
*Jobii (Pauli) Historia sui Temporis, 8vo. 1556
*Journal Literaire 9 Vol., 8vo. 1713
*Journal des Scavans 75 Vol., 8vo. 1669
*Irenæi Opera Gr. Lat. From Ducæi &c., F. 1671
*Irenæi Opera Gr. Lat. Grabe, F. 1702
*Irenæi Fragmenta per Grabe, 8vo. 1715
Isaaci (Joan) Opera Mineralia, 8vo. 1600
*Isaacson's Chronology, F. 1633
*Isbrand Voyage de Moschou a la Chine, 8vo. 1679
Juelli Apologia Ecclesiæ Anglicanæ, 8vo. 1683
*Juliani Imperatoris Opera Gr. Lat, 4to. 1630
*Julii Pollucis Onomasticon Gr. Lat. Hemsterhuisii 2 Vol., F. 1706
Junii Elymologicum Anglicanum per Lye, F. 1743
*Justelli Codex Canonum Ecclesiæ Africana, 8vo. 1614
*Justini Martyris Opera Gr. Lat., F. 1686
Justinus cum Comment. Strigelii, F. 1602
Juvenal et Persius notis Delphini, 8vo. 1707
Juvenal et Persius sine Notis, 8vo. 1651
Juvenal & Persius in English by Dryden, 8vo. 1702

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