Catalogue of the Library

Dr. James Musgrave
Rector of Chinnor, Oxon

(Entries marked with a star are also present in the Huggins List, and so were almost certainly owned by Newton. See the main catalogue page for an overview.)


*Kabbala Denudata 2 Vol., 4to. 1677
*Keil Introd. ad veram Astronomiam, 8vo. 1718
*Keil Introd. ad veram Physicam, 8vo. 1702
*Keil Examination of Burnets Theory, 8vo. 1699
Kempis de Christo Imitando, 8vo. 1672
Kendal's Æquation Tables, 8vo. 1681
*Kennedy's Essay on External Remedies, 8vo. 1715
Kennetts History of England 3 Vol., F. 1706
*Kerckringii Comment in Currum Triumph B. Valentini, 8vo. 1671
*Kersey's Elements of Algebra, F. 1673
Kettlewell on the Sacrament, 8vo. 1717
*King (Ld) Critical History of the Apostles Creed, 8vo. 1703
*King (Ld) of the Constitut. of the Primitive Church, 8vo. 1712
*King (Bp) de Origine Mali, 8vo. 1702
King (Wm) Miscellaneies in Prose & Verse, 8vo. 1718
*Kircheri Concordantia Vet Testamenti 2 Vol., 4to. 1607
Knatchbull on difficult Texts of Scripture, 8vo. 1698
*Knight's Sermons at Lady Moyers Lecture, 8vo. 1721
Knowledge of Medals, 8vo. 1715
Konig Regnum Minerale, 4to. 1686

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