Catalogue of the Library

Dr. James Musgrave
Rector of Chinnor, Oxon

(Entries marked with a star are also present in the Huggins List, and so were almost certainly owned by Newton. See the main catalogue page for an overview.)


*Observations Astronomiques et Physiques, F. 1693
Observations on Scripture, MSS. by R.W., F. -
*Ockley's History of the Saracens 2 Vol, 8vo. 1718
*Office & Authority of the Master of the Rolls, 8vo. 1727
*Oiselii Thesaurus Select. Numismat. Antiquorum, 4to. 1677
*Olaii Magni Hist. de Gentibus Septentrionalium, 8vo. 1558
Oldham's Works with his Remains, 8vo. 1686
*Omerique (Hug. de) Analysis Geometria, 4to. 1698
*Optati Opera Gr. Lat. per Albaspinæum, F. 1631
Opuscula Var. Author de Alchymia, 4to. 1550
Orationes ex Historicis Latinis excerptæ, 8vo. 1686
Orationes, Dissertationes, Disputationes, &c., 4to. 1723
*Originis Opera 2 Vol. Lat., F. 1586
*Originis Haxapla per Montfaucon 2 Vol., F. 1713
*Originis Dialog. contra Marcionitas Gr. Lat., 4to. 1674
*Origen contra Cebsum per Spencer, 4to. 1658
*Origen de Oratione Gr. Lat, 8vo. -
*Orlando Furioso Ital, & Eng. 2 Vol., W Huggins, 4to. 1755
*Orlando Furioso with Annotations on it, W. Huggins, 4to. 1757
*Orlando Furioso in English by Mr Huggins, W Huggins, 4to. 1758
*Orphei Argonautica Gr. Lat. notis Stephani &c., 8vo. 1689
Ortelii Thesaurus Geographicus, 4to. 1600
*Oudin Curiositez Francoises, 8vo. 1656
*Oughtred Clavis Mathematica MSS. Addit., by Halley, 8vo. 1652
*Oughtred Clavis Mathematica, 8vo. 1667
*Oughtred Trigonometria, 4to. 1657
Oweni Epigrammata, 8vo. 1668
Ovidii Opera Omnia per Maittaire 3 Vol, 8vo. 1715
*Ovidii Opera per G. Bersmanum, 8vo. 1655
Ovidii Opera sine Notis 3 Vol., 8vo. 1664
Ovid's Metamorphosis Eng. by Sandys, 8vo. 1656
Oxford Grammar of the Lat. Tongue, 8vo. 1692
Oxford Graduates, a Catalogue of them, 8vo. 1727
Oxford Paraphrase on St Paul's Epistles, 8vo. 1734

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