Catalogue of the Library

Dr. James Musgrave
Rector of Chinnor, Oxon

(Entries marked with a star are also present in the Huggins List, and so were almost certainly owned by Newton. See the main catalogue page for an overview.)


*Vaillant Nummi Antiqui Famil. Romanarum 2 Vol., F. 1708
*Vaillant Numismata Imperat. Romanorum, 4to. 1699
*Valentine (Basil) Azoth, on le Moyen de faire l'or cache des Philosophes, 8vo. 1659
*Valentine (Basil), Chariot of Antimony, 8vo. 1678
*Valentine (Basil) his last Will & Testament, 8vo. 1657
*Valerius Maximus, Edit. Antiq., F. 1523
*Valerius Maximus, notis Variorum, 8vo. 1660
*Valerius Maximus, notis Minellii, 8vo. 1681
Valor Beneficiorum being an Acct. of Eccles. Preferments, 8vo. 1695
*Van Helmont Opera Medica, F. 1667
Vansleb's State of Europe, 8vo. 1678
*Varenii Geographia per Turin, 8vo. 1712
*Varenii Geographia per Newton, 8vo. 1686
*Varenii Descriptio Japoniæ et Siam, 8vo. 1673
*Varignon Nouvelle Mecanique 2 Vol., 4to. 1725
*Vaughan's Discourse of Coin & Coinage, 8vo. 1675
*Velleius Paterculus notis Variorum, 8vo. 1660
*Venette Traite des Pierres, 8vo. 1701
Vertot Hist. des Revolutions de Swede, 8vo. 1731
Vertot Hist. des Revolutions Romaine 3 Vol., 8vo. 1724
Vertot de Idiotismis Græcis, 8vo. 1647
Vigerius de Idiotismis Græcis, 8vo. 1647
Ulstandius de Secretis Naturæ, 8vo. 1572
*Vignieri Chronicon Rerum Burgundionum, 4to. 1575
*Vincent Lirinensis adv. Hæreses, 8vo. 1687
*Vincent Descriptio Pipæ, 4to. 1726
*Vindiciæ Vetenum Scriptorum contra Hardwin, 8vo. 1708
Virgilii Opera notis Delphini, 8vo. 1696
Virgilii Opera per Sandby cum figuris 2 Vol., 8vo. 1750
*Virgilii Opera, Servii, 8vo. 1532
*Virgilii Opera Farnabii, 8vo. 1640
Virgiliæ per Pulmannum & Annot P. Manutii, 8vo. 1595
*Voyage de L'Arabie Heureuse, 8vo. 1716
Voyages & Travels 4 Vol. with Cuts, 4to. 1745
Vossius de Theologia Gentile, 4to. 1641
*Vossius de Historicis Græcis & Latinis 2 Vol., 4to. 1651
Vossius Institutiones Oratoriæ, 8vo. 1617
*Usserii Annales Vet. et Nov. Testament 2 Vol., F. 1650
Usher's Body of Divinity, F. 1653
Usher's Answer to a Jesuits Challenge, 4to. 1631

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