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Villamil's footnotes to Newton: the Man

``and work of Newton''
Essays on the Life and Work of Newton, edited by E.B. Jourdain. Open Court Publishing Company, Chicago & London. 1914.
``his niece Catherine Barton''
Newton: His Friend: and His Niece. Elliot Stock, Paternoster Row. 1885.
``his own statement, for £400.''
Charles Huggins died a bachelor and intestate. His estate was administered by his brother William, his father having died in 1745.
``Dr. Musgrave's catalogue''
The importance of this Catalogue will be evident from an inspection of the appendices, where the question is dealt with in greater detail.
``only copy of which I am aware''
Investigatio Geometrica Solidii Rotundi, in quod minima fiat Resistentia. Fatio Duiller (Nicolai Fatii Duillierii). Londini. Everingham. 1699. Imprimatur, J. Hoskyns - V.P.R.S.
``forty articles in Dutch''
Dr. Johnson's Dictionary is of no assistance; but I venture to suggest that ``Dutch'' meant ``Lithograph.''
``crimson Harrateen''
From Dr. Johnson's Dictionary we find that ``Harrateen'' and ``Tabby'' were kinds of ``waved silk.'' Tabby is derived from the Italian Tabi, or the French Tabis.
``playing backgammon''
Curiously, we read that another great man - W.E. Gladstone - was also very fond of playing backgammon. It is what I may call a ``soothing game.''
``Dr. Francis Fauquier''
Dr. Francis Fauquier was a Governor of the Bank of England, where Newton's ``Annuities'' were presumably deposited. Newton's note to Dr. Fauquier is very elliptical, and has all the appearance of being a confirmation in writing of a previous conversation.
Dr. Wollaston's father married a daughter of Dr. Francis Fauquier, and this would explain how Newton's note came into Dr. Wollaston's possession.
``and in July to vastly more''
Wollaston's letter says: ``During July ... 900 ... 930.''
``very modest figure of 600''
I say ``very modest'' figure of 600, because though we are told the price of this stock varied between 800 and 900, it would probably have been quoted at, say, 600-800; that is to say, £600 to sell and £800 to buy at.
``extinguish this debt''
On May 17th, 1718, the Capital Stock was ten millions, and it was on that day decided to increase it to twelve millionss, ``either by subscription or otherwise'' (Minutes of the South Sea Company).
The Company was well linked up with the Government, for on January 2nd, 1717, it was decided: ``That the cashier pay ninety-nine guineas for a New Year's gift to the several Officers of the Treasury, Exchequer and Pay Office'' (loc. cit.).
``although Chalmers''
Alexander Chalmers, F.S.A.: Biographical Dictionary. New Edition. 1815.
``Bouilland maintained''
Ismaelis Bullialdi Astronomia Philolaica. Paris. 1645.

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