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Notes on the Inventory

General layout
The layout produced by most graphical browsers should be rather similar to the layout on the page in Newton: the Man. However, I haven't tried to use HTML as a page description language and so there are some differences.
Only Hannah Tompson's declaration (or exhibitation?) has been included. The subsequent ones have been omitted as noted at the end of the text.
Marginal headings
All five of Villamil's marginal headings to the different rooms have been omitted.
Spelling, case and punctuation
These are intended to be identical to the text in Newton: the Man. In particular, there are a lot of lists which would benefit from commas but I have resisted the temptation to add them. (Hopefully I haven't put any in subconsciously.)
Pounds, shillings and pence
Most of the sums of money are expressed as three figures separated by spaces in Newton: the Man and periods (``.'') in this transcription. eg £11.16.6 is eleven pounds, sixteen shillings and sixpence. One shilling equalled 12 pennies and there were 240 pennies to the pound (and we struggled on with this system till 1970...)
Special characters
Several special characters have been used in the transcription. All of them are part of Latin-1 and displaying them properly (or at least sensibly) is a required part of ``being an HTML browser''. The characters are: pound sterling ``£''; one half ``½''; one quarter ``¼''; three quarters ``¾''; ampersand ``&''
Do. and do.
Do. and do. are short for ditto.

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