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The Study

You are in Newton's study, at the front of 35 St. Martin's Street on the first floor. Three sash windows in the west wall look down into the narrow street below. Six bookcases are filled with about two thousand books and more than 100 lbs of pamphlets and there is a pair of steps to reach the top shelves. On one of the shelves is a printed catalogue of the books.

There is walnut cabinet and writing desk with drawers, some of which are slightly open. Closer inspection reveals 210 prints and 40 articles "in Dutch", which appear to be lithographs. On the walls are three old barometers, two small pictures and some Irish stitched hangings.

Three globes and seven books of maps are laid out on a large table, whose draws contain an assortment of small items: a copper plate and a silver watch; two instrument cases made of Bath metal and of shagreen (rough green leather, perhaps made from fish skin); a small penknife and an embroidered purse; and two plaster heads.

A door goes out to the staircase and there is a notice on the wall with details of the Museum and the text of the Inventory for this room.

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