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Newtonian Anagrams

And now for something completely different: Isaac Newton's life illustrated by anagrams of "Isaac Newton" and "Sir Isaac Newton". The anagrams were found using Anagram Insanity.

His passionless character

  • Wanton as ice

View of the Universe

  • Contains awe
  • Creation's swain
  • Is now Cartesian

Disputes with Hooke, Leibnitz, ...

  • Ire was sanction
  • Cessation in war

At the Royal Mint

  • Saw neat coin
  • Seat in coin wars
  • Wan coin satires


  • Sion's arcane wit
  • Can woe at sin
  • We con Arianists
  • Canaries in twos
  • Creation was Sin!


  • Casts iron in awe
  • Tin was scenario

Principia Mathematica in anagram

  • Patrician aim; math epic.

In summary

  • Ace, now saint.

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