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Of Colours, Experiment 7

From Cambridge University Library Add. MS 3975.

[Prism and Spectrum diagram] 7 Taking a Prisme, (whose angle fbd was about 60gr into a darke roome into wch ye sun shone only at one little round hole k in such manner yt ye rays, being equally refracted¨ at (n & h) their going in & out of it, cast colours rstv on ye opposite wall. The colours should have beene in a round circle were all ye rays alike refracted, but their length to about 7 or eight inches, & ye centers of ye red & blew, (q & p) being distant about 2 3/4 or 3 inches. The distance of ye wall trsv from ye Prisme being 260inches.

This experiment may have been carried out in the study of Woolsthorpe Manor.

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