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Boyle's "Navigators" image

Those adventurous navigators, that have made voyages for discovery in unknown seas, when they first discerned something obscure near the horizon, at a great distance off, have often doubted, whether what they had so imperfect a sight of, were a cloud, or an island, or a mountain: but though sometimes it were more likely to be the former, as that, which more frequently occurred, than the latter; yet they judged it advisable to steer towards it, till they had a clearer prospect of it: for if it were a deluding meteor, they would not however sustain so great loss in that of a little labour, as, in case it were a country, they would in the loss of what might prove a rich discovery: and if they desisted too soon from their curiosity, they could not rationally satisfy themselves, whether they slighted a cloud, or neglected a country.
"Of Celestial and Aerial Magnets" R. Boyle, Works, IV 100. (1772, 6 vol.)
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